Sunday, November 9, 2008

Crazy Eights

I was tagged by my Aunt Christi!
8 things I'm obsessed with right now:
2.reading Inkheart
3.playing on the computer
4.practicing the violin, piano, and flute
5.forgetting things (not on purpose!)
6.not understanding things
7.scratching some lucky dog behind it's ears
8.playing scene it or hyper dash

8 words or phrases I use daily:
1."Good riddance."
2."Easy peasy, lemon sqeezey."
3."I have no idea what you mean."
7.''Good dog, Aspen!"

8 T.V. shows I love to watch:
1.I don't like watching T.V.
3.Don't ask me.
5.Me? Watch T.V.?
6.Not me.
7.Mm- NO!
8.In your dreams
8 Things I did yesterday
1. Drove to Utah
2. Read Inkheart
3. Worked on a story
4. Went to Max's birthday party
5. Ate a bean burrito at Taco Bell
6. Listened to mom's GPS
7. Saw mom's side of the family for the first time in a while
8.Stayed up extremely late

8 of my favorite places to eat:
1.Panda Express
3.Specialty Cookies
4.Baskin' Robins
7. Manpuku (Japanese restaurant)
8. Toot Sweets

8 Things I'm looking forward to:
1.Aunt Melissa's wedding
2.Eating more of the cookies Skyla, Karsten, mom, and I just baked
3.Seeing Grandma and Grandpa and the rest of dad's side of the family
4.Finishing Inkheart
5.Finishing the story I'm writing
7.Seeing Aspen and Thimbletack again (not that I'm entirely excited to go home)
8.Going to the beach again

8 Things on my wish list
1.Pogo stick
2.Roller Blades
3.People to stop killing dolphins
4.More recycling
5.People to drive less
6.See wild dolphins
7.More good books
8.Doing well at my violin perforamance
8 People I tag
1. Jena
7. Mom

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Huskies and Alasken Malamutes

The Siberian Husky was born to run. Beautiful, stylish, and graceful, he is a dog with endless energy and needs a huge amount of exercise. He loves to race, pull sleds or carts, or go backpacking. When I lived in Alaska, our family went to see the start of the Iditorod. Huskies or Alaskan Malamutes were pulling the sleds. It was amazing! The dogs were so exited to start, they were yelping and pulling at the harness and people had to hold them back or else the sled would take off before it was supposed to. Back then, I was not able to tell the difference between Alaskan Malamutes or Huskies. It's hard, I'm not sure if I can now, though I know the difference. It's that Malamutes are bigger than Huskies. Anyway, I remember a time when I was reading about Balto (he's a famous sled dog) and it was also telling about the dog teams back then. There happened to be more dogs in one dog team back then. So, guess what? The dog teams back then could go faster than horses! However, these dogs are not very obedient. They were simply not bred for that. In fact, they are stubborn, headstrong, all of that stuff. I once met a beautiful husky that refused to go "down"! And, if these dogs bred to run many miles without tiring, try imagining how much exercise they would need. The Alaskan Malamute was (of course) orgined in Alaska, while (I think) Huskies were first bred in Siberia.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


To: Tristen and Ken

The ''Gray Ghost'' is definitely one of the most striking gundog breeds. He has a beautiful metallic gray coat and light-colored eyes. A superb working dog, he is intelligent, keen, and devoted to his owner. He is also a high powered dog with endless energy and dominant character who needs extensive socialization, training, attention, and affection from an experienced and equally strong-willed handler. In the right hands, he is a marvelous dog, but he must have employment. An bored, under-exercised Weimaraner can be a nightmare-possessive, over protected, noisy, restless, and destructive.
German hunters employed dogs of Weimaraner type as early 17th century, but by the 19th century the Weimaraner was kept exclusively at the German court of Weimar. Introduced to the U.S. in 1929 and to the U.K. in 1952, it is now renowned worldwide as a working gundog. A long-haired variety appeared in 1973, but remains uncommon.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Dog...... NAMED!

Now that news spread about me getting a dog, there has been one question that I could not answer. That was: 'What was her name?' I could not answer Fluffy, the name the peeople who sold to us had made up, because our family hated that name. (No offence people who like that name or people who sold the puppy to us.) We were definatly going to change it. We always had to say 'She doesn't have one.' I one day typed a e-mail to Dad saying that we would better name that dog. He said that we shoud look up maps of Alaska (we used to live there) and find some cool names on those. So, Dad, Uncle Geoff and I looked at cool names of cities and rivers and mountains. We found a looong list. Mom wanted Shasta. I wanted Aspen. So did Skyla. I decided to take a poll. 6 people wanted Aspen, 3 people wanted Shasta, and 1 person wanted Luciana. I sent Dad an e-mail about how the poll went. I still wanted Aspen. I told him that in my e-mail, too. In his e-mail he sent back, he needed a nickname to agree for the name. I sent him another e-mail saying probably Aspy or Asp. He sent back another e-mail saying that he would let Skyla and I decide what the puppy's name should be. We wanted Aspen. Hooray! The dog was named! Except we did a lot of hard work for nothing!

Friday, February 15, 2008

A Valentine's Day Dog

For practicaly forever, I have wanted a dog. But there has always been an excuse. When we were in Alaska, we lived in an apartment. Then the excuse was that we didn't have a yard. We were there for three years. When we moved to California, when we had our own house with a backyard, my parents managed to make a new one, which was that we didn't have enough of a yard. Hee hee. They didn't get away with that one. Especially when our next-door neighbor's dogs had puppies. In that litter, the dogs only had two puppies. One boy and one girl. Skyla, my sister, and I really wanted the girl. That's because Dad said if we were getting a dog (and we might, once we moved. It's just that Skyla and I decided a long time ago that waiting till we moved was too long of a wait. And they might make another exuse. ) it would definitely be a girl. So we only had a slim chance with the girl. At least Dad wanted a girl dog when the time was right, because a few days later, the boy was sold. The girl, we found out, was going to be sold Sunday. Three people were thinking about buying her. We had three days to decide. It was on Valentine's Day when Skyla, Mom, sort of Karsten, my little brother, and I finally got a full chance to speak to Dad. By then, Karsten, Skyla, and I wanted the dog. Dad did not. Mom was deciding. You might think our chances were good. Or maybe okay. Wrong. Dad is one of the most stubburn people I have ever met. I knew we still had a chance, but not much of one. Anyways, we went to this Mexican resturant. Mom said Skyla and I had done good. I didn't feel like it. My heart was sinking by the time I got home. Dad had made up so many excuses about getting a dog, he could've used every every word in the dictionary. For instance, What about the poop, or the hair, and the money, plus it stinking up the house, ect. I noticed Dad typing a comment on the post Cocker Spaniel. I was too sad to notice. I went and brushed my teeth. When I was finished, Dad called to me because ''someone'' had typed a comment on my blog. I read the comment. It said: Wow, that sounds like a great dog. I can't wait for one to join our family. Thanks for all the useful information. And, YES, I would love for you to have the opportunity to have the same dog I first had when I was growing up. I love you both. Happy Valentine's Day! Love, Dad. I didn't understand that. I went and called Mom. She said to look at a word. It said YES. Skyla, who was looking over my shoulder, and I ran and hugged Dad. But by the look on our face, we were still somehow confused. Mom said, "I guess they don't really understand." Dad looked at us and grinned. "You better take care of that dog."

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Cocker Spaniel

To Dad

The nickname of the "Merry Cocker" is well deserved, for he is a happy, friendly, enthusiastic character whose tail never stops wagging. A keen worker, he is just as ready to pour his energy into the role as a family pet. This is a lively and loving dog that needs company. He is devoted to his owners, sociable with visitors, and good with children. Indeed, his kindness and working intelligence make him a great hearing ear dog, support for the disabled, and threapy dog. Outgoing yet gentle, he needs attention, exercise and grooming. Spaniels developed to assist falconers and later shooters by finding, flushing, and retrieveing game. The smallest of the land spaniels, the English Cocker was reckognized as a seperate breed in 1892.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Irish Wolfhound

The Irish Wolfhound is the tallest breed of dog. Given a home that reaches his high scale needs, he is a loving companion. Despite his huge size, he is a gentle and friendly, good natured with children, and very affectionate toward his owners. With a dog this size, he may weigh as much as his owners, and, is very strong, so good training is essential. Although adult Wolfhounds are generally as mannerly as a dog can possibly be, puppies (up to two or three years old) are mischievous whirlwinds and are hard work.
The Wolfhound harks back to the great Celtic hounds of pre-Roman times, where they served as war dogs as well as hunters. However, the breed was almost extinct by the 17th century. The modern Wolfhound is mostly because of the 19th century reconstruction.